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About Us

Design Identity Incorporated is a fast growing software development company which also takes part in the digital marketing and advertising sector making it very easy for our clients to be the best of the best while keeping up with both technological and strategic trends

We have undoutably some of the most unique implementations of ideas to promote the best for our clients as well making a great impression

  • We have the most competent team on call 24/7
  • Our business never sleeps and so does yours
  • We give the best and only the best quality service

Apart from the traditional all business only routines, Design Identity is flexible on a whole new level in many other areas, we try to make sure that work should not be boring by adopting our client's inspiration from areas like tourism and travel, hotel and catering amongst other things

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Our Services panel exceeds to our client's scope of imagination, nurturing from design up to production.

Website Development

For any organisation we develop complex websites with simple easy to use user interfaces

Web Applications

Make it easy to manage your business from anywhere in the world with web applications custom to your needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Your business could not be easier to find, let us direct your potential clients right to your door-step.

Social Media Marketing

Have them talking about you as we take your business straight to the community to keep them up to date.

Graphic Designing

Every business is incomplete without visual expression try out our visual artists and let you imagination run wild

Mobile Applications

Perhaps you want to take your business a step further and keep it mobile try out these mobile applications option

Take your business a step further

Don't be afraid to take a leap, let us help you boost your business both online and offline. Your path to greatness with a push of that button, its just that simple

Travel and Tourism

Take your peek at our travel blog for a moment to let loose and relax from work

Hotels and Accomodation

There is nothing like a good get away to refresh your mind in a new environment

Food and Restaurants

Try something new from a different kitchen, check out our food and cuisine blog

Technology Updates

We are a software company and hence its our solemn duty to keep you up to date with technology

What we have achieved so far

Here is what we have managed to grab since our official launch.



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As we strive to provide the best service possible, we also make sure that we showcase our previous work and master pieces for reference and inspiration to our potential clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To give the best service we take feedback from our clients and any other contributors who post their questions and or give feedback regarding a service. Here is some of our FAQ's

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Search Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing technique that is used to direct clients to a service provider by using keywords to try and predict what they may want.

  • Amongst all other means of marketing social media marketing has had a huge toll in the marketing industry given that people's means of communication has been restricted to mobile phones and computers due to the lockdown and travelling restrictions.

  • web applications as the name suggests, the interface is website like the only difference now being web application are designed to handle complex functionality like processing payments, integrations with POS sytems and many other services a particular company would need like managing stock and clients.